Carshalton Tutorial College

Tutoring and e-Tutoring

Carshalton Tutorial College is a specialist tutoring college based in Carshalton, which is located near Sutton and Croydon and specialising in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science tuition, as well as emergency help with homework or project crises. We also provide after school activities and coaching in computer programming.

Thanks to the internet we can also provide tutoring as an e-Service, and distance learning courses in GCSE Maths, A Level Maths, A Level Computer Science, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics, GCSE Biology, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics and A Level Biology. In certain technical areas we can provide tutoring in Undergraduate level subjects such as Chemistry, Computer Science, and Biochemistry.

For students writing dissertations we can provide a proof reading and advisory service. Note : We do not actually write dissertations, that is the responsibility of the student. We can, however, provide advice on how to structure dissertations, provide guidance on style and use of English, and, also, provide practice "mock viva" exams and advice on thesis presentation.

For students studying A Level science but who are not doing A Level Maths we can provide tutor face to face as well as distance learning support in coping with the maths required for e.g. data analysis and interpretation questions. In a similar vein we can provide help for Undergraduates doing science subjects such as biochemistry, biology or botany, for example, who are having difficulties with the maths, or who are having difficulties with tools such as Python's numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib, or the R statistical software. Similarly we can provide help with students who are struggling with Matlab and Simulink, or the open source equivalents Octave and Scilab.

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Enquiries line: 020 8669 0769
Send an email to andrew dot eliasz at gmail dot com